Flow Level 1-2 (71 minutes)

Brian leads a general flow class with a bit of challenge including bird of paradise, forearm stand and wheel pose. He speaks in the beginning about enjoying the journey of your experience instead of focusing on the destination. This is more enjoyable and also ensures greater success. This class first aired on Facebook Live on June 3rd.

Beginners Plus (58 minutes)

This class begins with a focus on the upper body, the neck, shoulders and torso. Chris takes us through some stretches seated, kneeling and then standing. She then moves into the lower body. She shows how to progressively increase the challenge so that everyone can work a bit. This class first aired on Facebook Live on June 2nd.

Hatha Alignment (62 minutes)

This class explores the details and breaks down pigeon pose. It moves progressively and gradually moves toward a more challenging pose so that those who are tighter or looking for more detailed instruction will have a lot of material to work with. This class first aired on June 1st on Facebook Live.

Open Level Flow (61 minutes)

Brian uses the concept of handstand conditioning for this class. You do not need to have a handstand or even have an interest in being able to handstand to appreciate this class.. Utilizing yoga poses to build strength and flexibility required for handstands. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 9th.

Beginners Plus (60 minutes)

Chris leads a class that explores the concept of pratyahara and applies it throughout the class. Pratyahara is shutting down the senses and turning inward. The application of this concept includes longer held poses and longer periods of silence. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 9th.

Open Level (74 minutes)

Working with crow pose. This class will build up to crow and offer some variations. Whether you have a crow pose in your practice or not, you will find value in this practice as we progress towards the pose. This class originally aired on Facebook Live on May 6th.