What is the Solar Practice?

Trust is the currency that we exchange in acrobatics. With this blanket of trust we become empowered and empower others. The Solar Acrobatic Practices are the tools to unlock that power in others and ourselves. The solar elements are strength building, inversions with spotting, and partner acrobatics.

As we build strength by using acrobatic and gymnastic training techniques we can expand the vision of our personal power. Push ups, down dog push ups, abdominal exercises and partner conditioning drills are some of the building blocks that bring the mind and body into strong teamwork. We also cultivate the ability to coach each other to encourage positively and teamwork.

The inversions and spotting give the chance to build trust and efficient acrobatic techniques for headstands, handstands etc.

Partner Acrobatics is where we put it all together in a group of 3: Base, Flyer & Spotter. The base creates the foundation for the acrobatics, the flyer trusts and dances through the air and the spotter makes sure this all happens safely! These practices build a playful, strong community that can help us all realize our true potential.