Class Designations


(Speedometer) How dynamic a class is. There are many factors that can impact the dynamism of a class. A less dynamic class will consist of long holds or it might contain breaks. Examples would be a yin class which contains longer holds or an alignment class where there are periods when the instructor is talking and the students are listening rather than practicing. At the other end of the spectrum, a highly dynamic class can be fast paced or a class with few breaks. A class with long-held challenging poses can be as dynamic as a fast paced vinyasa class.

Dynamic Level: 1
Dynamic Level: 2
Dynamic Level: 3
Dynamic Level: 4
Dynamic Level: 5



(Diamond) This designates how difficult the individual poses are. Poses can be difficult because they require extreme balance, flexibility or strength. A class can have little movement with low intensity, but if it has very difficult poses, it will be suitable for advanced-level practitioners. Beginner level classes and restorative classes will be at the easy end. Classes that contain challenging poses like handstands, bound lotus or titibasana.

Difficulty Level: 1
Difficulty Level: 2
Difficulty Level: 3
Difficulty Level: 4
Difficulty Level: 5