Beginners Plus (57 minutes)

Freedom around the spine is essential for general mobility. Chris leads a class that focuses on spinal mobility which means that she moves the spine in a variety of different directions. She does so in a way that is accessible to all practioners. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 23rd.

Yoga Conditioning (71 minutes)

Brian leads a yoga conditioning class that incorporates side-body and front-body engagement using 'crunch' movements. As with all of the yoga conditioning classes, it is an open level experience and you can increase or decrease the challenge by taking modifications or adding more difficult variations. This class first aired on May 22nd on Facebook Live

1/2 Hour Flow

Brian leads a simple half hour flow that can be used as a stand-alone practice or to warm up for a more challenging practice. This is a perfect sequence if you only have a short amount of time and want to get the entire body moving without getting to sweaty. You will pass through many of the standard poses that occur in a vinyasa class and there are some options to increase or decrease the challenge.

Chair Yoga (31 minutes)

Chris leads a sequence in which you will remain seated in the chair for the entire sequence. The class focuses on spinal mobility with a bit of hip stretching at the end. Because the movements are smaller, this class can be done in the middle of your day without any special props, clothing or preparation.

Flow Level 1-2 (75 minutes)

Brian has put together a nice challenging flow that features core integration and arm balances. Whether you have the more challenging poses in your repertoire, you will enjoy building strength and endurance through this practice. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 20th.