Spirited Flow (66 minutes)

The theme for this class is mudita, or celebrating joy. The sequence will challenge your balance with tree and half moon poses, it will challenge your upper body strength with crow and it will challenge your thigh mobility with middle splits. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 17th.

Yin Yoga (59 minutes)

Tracy leads us through a lovely sequence that remains near to the ground. After a brief centering pose, it begins with some seated forward folds and moves into a few reclined twists and side stretches. She takes us onto our knees, and then finishes on our backs. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 15th.

Video Test newsletter (Tester Newsletter)

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Boundless Video subscription now available (Test Newsletter)

Greetings to all of our loyal followers and yoga appreciators. We have been working for quite a while and after extensive testing, we are now ready to activate the subscription service.

In order to access the subscription classes, you will need to activate one of three options. In two weeks, anyone who has not activated a subscription option will not be able to access the more than 80 classes that are available. You will continue to have access to the free classes regardless of whether you subscribe or not.