Boundless Video subscription now available

Greetings to all of our loyal followers and yoga appreciators. We have been working for quite a while and after extensive testing, we are now ready to activate the subscription service.

In order to access the subscription classes, you will need to activate one of three options. In two weeks, anyone who has not activated a subscription option will not be able to access the more than 80 classes that are available. You will continue to have access to the free classes regardless of whether you subscribe or not.

Yin Yoga (60 minutes)

Tracy leads a yin yoga class that stays near the ground and focuses on the lower extremities and lower torso. It is a lovely sequence that will have you feeling relaxed and stretched. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 13th.

Slow Flow (60 minutes)

Chris leads a slow flow with a focus on the hips. Just because it is slow, doesn’t mean that it is easy. Beginning with moon salutes, this class evolves into a steady flow that includes bound skandasana, half moon pose and front splits. This class first aired on Facebook Live on May 11th.